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Project Manager with Web Design & Development Background

OnWired is a full-service design, development and marketing firm whose projects cover the web, mobile and print arena. The only thing we don’t do yet is video -- yet. We love what we do and that drives us to get to work every day!

Currently, we’re seeking a solid technical project manager. We need someone with a proven history managing software projects (web preferred), requirements gathering and technical liaising, scope management, solid written and verbal communication skills, and a strong understanding of website projects. In short - we need someone who really gets what we do.

Ideally we'd like you near us in Cary, NC but if you're reeeally good – location is irrelevant.

Here’s what the job entails:

  • Work with clients directly - 
sometimes in sales meetings and in every project meeting.
  • Understand Web Lingo - 
You need to understand the difference between HTML/ CSS/ Javascript/ AJAX/ Ruby/ Wordpress/ etc. All of these have their place, and you need to know what they are and when they are used.
  • Client Liaison - 
Liaise between the client and technical development/creative design teams.
  • Requirements Gathering - 
Meet with Clients to determine their true underlying requirements. This could be for small web brochure sites to large complex internet applications.
  • Determine Actual Project Budget/Timeline (vs the Sales version) - 
Work with the team to determine how long it will take and how much it will likely cost to deliver those requirements.
  • Report Accurate Progress - 
We need to know what’s going on, so regular progress is needed. You’re expected to honestly/openly express when issues arise that could threaten the project timeline or budget.
  • Accountable to Project Budget/Timeline Adherence -
Ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget, and report to management when this is at risk or needs to be changed.
  • Resource Management - 
You will be required to manage various resources on projects- assigning tasks, organizing workflow, holding accountability to deadlines, etc.
  • Client Management - 
Ability to kindly and delicately manage client conversations that impact scope. Managing client expectations is a critical component of this PM position. This is especially important with scope changes.
  • Ensure Quality - 
Actively test and quality check work on projects from inception to completion, ensuring that design elements meet client expectations, and development functions work as expected on our 8 supported web platforms.
  • High Chaos Tolerance and Self Direction - 
You need to thrive in a high energy and sometimes chaotic atmosphere that a fast-growing business experiences. It can get stressful at times and you will likely be managing many projects at once. Just like everyone else. It is important you can be emotionally calm and understand how to diffuse anxiety when it arises. In terms of getting things done, you need to be a very motivated self-starter so you can really succeed at OnWired.

Some definite nice to haves:

  1. Previous work with Sales teams processing RFP responses
  2. A keen attention to graphic design elements
  3. Experience working in print/web design agencies

Well, there you have it. The job in a nutshell.

So, some more about us? We are a tight knit group, and everyone pulls their weight because we all want everyone to succeed. That’s what makes it so great! We’re located in a sunny office environment with a bottomless candy bowl... However, that’s not a big deal since people can work from home or coffee shops whenever they want. Some positions require more face time, but others are fine so long as activity is obvious. In fact, our best PM works out of her home in Indiana presently. ;-)

Thanks for checking us out,

How to Apply

So, if you like the job, and if you’ve seen our site ( and like what we stand for, drop us your resume at and let’s see if we’re a good fit!