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Web Designer and Social Media Director

Candidate will combine technical, creativity and marketing skills to assist with the development of brilliant, relationship enrichment programs, under the supervision of company CEO/Ph.D. Other related tasks assigned, as applicable.

Hours: P/T (16-26 hrs/wk.) from home or NY location;

Candidate works with cross-functional teams (in NY) or from home/telecommute(85%time) to define the technical application's functionality and navigation using flow charts, screen layouts, etc; This includes establishing guidelines for interfaces to meet the needs of loyal consumers, as well as the organization's goals.

Candidate/Intern: Experience obtained can also be used for school credit or for your portfolio which may lead to a full time position (Co-Founder) depending on your skill level and dedication during the internship.

How to Apply

Email with Resume and 2 paragraphs: 1) why you want to be selected to fill this position with a web startup; 2) provide 3 couples you personally know (emails/names) for Ms. Payton to send a Beta Testing Invitation to....Email this information to:
Thank you and we'll contact you in 2-3 days.